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Polymer calandered or extruded flexible, semi rigid
and rigidfilms and layers made by PVC ,PP, PET



Mr Petros Vitalis started operating the business under the firm name Petros Vitalis. The firm was located in Plaka, the known Ancient Greek town under Acropolis. At this time the company was involved in the trade of industrial tools and machinery.

1968: The company was renamed Commerce P. Vitalis & Co GP. and by this time it was already involved in the trade of  industrial tools, machinery and accessories as well as of polymer plastic films and layers.

His daughter and successor Mrs Ioanna Vitali Vaxevanaki, joined the company.

1985: Mr P. Vitalis retired. Mrs Ioanna Vitali Vaxevanaki, took over the direction.
1990: The Company was transferred in a new proprietary building, located in Piraeus, near the Central Port of Athens, under Mr George Vaxevanakis direction and  Mrs  Ioanna Vitali Vaxevanaki sub direction .
1995: Took its final name Commerce  and since then offers a large range of polymer materials addressed to a large range of market sectors.

The company is ISO certified.

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